As in life, the architectural world is also full of challenges and working with the unknown. Challenge can take many forms from steep terrain being a challenge related to taking engineering knowledge and translating that in developing a site that ends up looking "natural". The opposite - a flat site- is just as challenging from a different perspective. How does one get the site to drain, look natural yet balance the earthwork to create an intimate golf experience? We look forward to these kinds of opportunities.

If residential is adjacent, one also has to assure that the residential pads are well above the course for views and other considerations. All these culminate in trying to determine elevations of the course, pads and streets in harmony. In essence, the entire site needs to be "packaged " as a whole project before we start the golf course portion of the assignment.

A third challenge, is a perfect site - one blessed with such natural characteristics it becomes challenging from the perspective of being savvy enough to see these attributes, preserve these inherent qualities of the site and integrate this into the overall design.

Not many are capable of this and very few are capable of all three. We are and we have. Here are just some of the tests and achievements we have had the honor to resolve in the past few years.

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