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Cal Olson is a true renaissance man an old school throw-back and that is meant in the most flattering way. Cal has always been a big picture man; a person that ownership knows is always looking after their best interests of the project at hand.

He is a true golf architect and approaches his job from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Make no mistake, Cal is a golf man and knows the value of a course that does not make compromises in integrity. But he also knows the value of a total project and finds solutions to enhance all aspects of the end goal.

Not many in the profession are registered with State Boards in Landscape Architecture (1970) and Engineering (1974) - Cal Olson is. Not many have accomplished becoming a Charter Member of the Golf Course Builders Association of America.-Cal Olson is. Not many have 30 years of experience in Land Planning Cal Olson does.

Many golf architects are just that golf only, but Cal recognizes all the disciplines needed to create the right course for the right reasons. His 25 years of course design experience and expertise in a variety of conditions or environments allows him to feel equally at home on a hillside development, flatlands or a salt laden seashore project or low desert. He is comfortable designing to the extreme seasons of the high desert or creating a course in a high alpine location. All are tackled with the same great passion of any artist who draws their satisfaction on the challenge of a great project and the aspiration to achieve.

Such is the stuff that Cal Olson is made of and his client list will attest to his attention to detail. Call him old school, sure - but call him for your next project and you will make a friend and business partner for life. test

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"90% of our work comes directly from client referrals. We are proud of our lifetime client relationships and it shows."
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