The understanding of land planning and the interface of how adjacent uses interact with the golf uses and requirements is mandatory for a project to succeed as a total project. Land planners understand land planning and in some cases are able to present a golf corridor that is acceptable. In most cases though, the golf corridor needs to be closely monitored by a golf architect who also understands the needs of the adjacent uses and the overall project. This broad knowledge is paramount in understanding and creating the best use for the property and owners needs. The fundamental knowledge of street layouts, residential pads and their unique relationships to the course, drainage, grading balance, view corridors and setback requirements , etc. is not sufficient to create the necessary big picture needed. A total commitment and requisite knowledge of the entire project is needed. A sacrifice of either the golf course quality or the financial potential of a property is a poor compromise. Calís experience will ensure that both the golf course standards and the project goals are equally balanced.

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