Water and a golf course are linked in an innumerable number of ways and the use of water in the design must be weighed very closely so as not to be out of proportion to the design concept. Water features on the course are crucial to golf projects and, while we enjoy placing strategic ponds on our courses, most golf courses need at least one pond for irrigation purposes and others to balance the feel of the project. It is fundamental to have water on the course for plant survival, but how naturally these features are seen as part of the design makes a tremendous difference in the playability and aesthetics of the course. Ponds and lakes are beautiful and have strategic value to a hole, yet they are essential as holding venues for on-course irrigation. Depending on climate and vegetation, roughs and the chosen vegetation might require only natural rainfall to sustain plant life saving precious water and irrigation dollars for other aspects of the project, where in another application, saline tolerant grasses might be used when site conditions will not allow unlimited fresh water applications.

Using engineering, thoughtful drainage and design together is truly one of our favorite assignments on every project we approach and it is a topic we are passionate about. While we do not perform the final working drawings on the water features or irrigation, we have in the past and are well versed in the needs of the designer and use this knowledge to spell out how we want our final project to look.

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"For a golf course to be beautiful, it must be well-maintained. It is imperative to design a course that can be maintained."
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